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    Tunnel Oven

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    Technical informations

    Hasborg tunnel kilns are high-quality convection ovens with very high thermal efficiency.

    These are durable ovens, made of thick stainless steel sheets. Depending on the length of a given oven, they are divided into sections (2, 3 or 4).

    Each section has separate temperature control with its own heat circulation. Thanks to this innovative construction, they reach the desired temperature very quickly.

    They are well-sealed and insulated. All this contributes to low gas consumption and the resulting savings


    1. Digital control panel
    2. Inspection win-dow located in each module
    3. Pneumatic ten-sioning of the metal belt
    4. Cleaning system for the belt
    5. Illuminated in-spection win-dows
    6. Band scraper for baking band cleaning
    7. Greasing unit for an even application of grease onto the baking band










    Air circulation in the chamber

    Circulation of heated air in the chamber and dry (fresh) air and removal of moist air from the baking chamber. Thanks to the appropriate shaping of the air circulation in particular areas of the oven we obtain high quality of the final product.

    Air circulation in the chamber

    Indirect convection furnace with tubular heat exchanger powered by gas. The applied solutions ensure full control of parameters such as temperature, up/down airflow ratio, air exchange. All parameters are set from the control panel by means of servo drives. The control of air humidity level in the burner chamber significantly extends the furnace life.