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    The machine dispenses biscuits directly to the tunnel oven belt or in the case of the cutter, it has its own transporter, where the dispensed biscuits are cut, and only then do they go to the oven belt.
    QUATROMAX Premium is a cnc machine and it is characterised by high-class components from MITSUBISHI, JAPAN company.
    It has 7 servo motors all independently controlled.
    There is a double-dosing system in both tanks for the dough. In each feed tank, there are two other roller systems. The first set passes dough into the centre of the head and to the specially milled slots of the second roller set. The second set doses the correct amount of dough onto the tunnel oven belt. This kind of system provides more accurate dosing and increases productivity.
    The device also has a separate head with toothed rollers for liquid and semi-liquid fillings.
    It can be additionally equipped with roller flattening biscuits, a stamping mechanism for pressing the filled biscuits.
    The shutter, which is the system that cuts and forms the filled biscuit. The biscuit cut with this system closes the filling inside and forms biscuits in the shape of balls and candy bars.
    The string-cutting system produces flat biscuits of different shapes and in one or two colours.


    1. Stainless steel rolls with spiral cuttings and rotation control. The increased diameter of rolls (ø125) and its smooth speed control prevent the dough from damaging and deformation during processing.
    2. Beared rolls – thanks to this solution the head does not generate excess heat, so the dough is protected from the high temperatures which destroy it.
    3. Triple head is made of one single block of aluminium in order to increase working stiffness, unlike the other machines offered on the market. Each roll is equipped with bearings; this solution protects the dough from overheating during the process of dough distribution. The whole structure is made of stainless steel.
    4. The two-column head lifting system is made on a cam basis. It does not require any lubrication, it works lightly and is trouble-free - digital adjustment of the lifting and lowering of the head (for the production of cookies of different heights). There is also a possibility to adjust the table.
    5. Servo drivers – high class and a proven solution that increases speed, service life and accuracy of components work.
    6. Powered by Mitsubishi Electric.
    7. Electronics and touch panel are simple and easy to use with multilingual menu.
    8. You can enter your own recipes and save them on the SD card.



    Stamping Unit

    This option allows you to flatten the products and put the chosen design on them. This allows the production of cakes with additional patterns and eliminates the effect of the so-called "tail", which is created after cutting off the cake in the shutter.

    The stamps can be "flat" - they flattening the product. They can also have a pattern, thanks to which the product get a specific patter on it.

    Two types of stamps are available: metal and teflon stamps.

    The operation of the stamping unit is based on the work of two pneumatic cylinders, which force the punches to move. To supply the punch, it is necessary to connect a compressed air source (compressor).

    Stamps with heating

    The stamps can be equipped with a "heating" function, which

    (in the case of some recipes) prevents the cake from "sticking" to the stamp.








    Stamp examples

    „Guillotine option”

    It enables the production of biscuits and cookies cut by the guillotine knife to the required length with or without the filling. This optional equipment is provided with a special control system, which gives you the possibility to set up the production parameters precisely, and it is very efficient – up to 500 kg of final product per hour.


    This option gives you the possibility to
    produce the limitless number of shapes of your cookies.

    An example of the modern solution for cookies arranging

    Cooperating with our industrial machine TRIOMAX. This system installed directly above the tunnel oven belt increases the production efficiency.  Thanks to the set of adjustable conveyors products are placed more densely on the baking area of tunnel oven. The software installed in the machine's control panel allows you to change parameters such as speed and range  of conveyors motion.

    Presented conveyors (in this case 10 pcs) are equipped with a cleaning system and guides to prevent the belt from "slipping".