Get to know Hasborg.

Our company is made up of people for whom designing and creating is a passion.

We are a PREMIUM class brand and produce machinery and equipment as well as industrial technological lines for the production of biscuits and sweets. Quality, reliability and modern solutions are the main goals required by our team.

Everything we design and create is done in harmony with nature and the natural environment in mind. We use  energy-efficient transmissions and motors, which limit energy consumption in the machines we produce. 

Foundation  of the company 

Founded in 1997 in Poland HASBORG, was not its original name. The name changed along with our development. Initially, we were called K&R, and then the Supra Group starting in 2011. The constant development and presence of our products in a greater number of new markets has made us a global brand. We wanted to make the highest quality of the products and services that we offer to be inseparably associated with only one ompany. Our company. In accordance with the popularity of ‘Supra’ in many sectors and industries, we and our German investor decided to change the name. We want our company to be definitely and unambiguously associated with the highest quality products and the latest technologies used in the confectionery industry. We became HASBORG for you.

We are pleased to fully share our many years of experience with you. Already at the stage of a new project, we will be a partner for you in order to offer reliable advice in a flexible and comprehensive manner.  We provide access to modern technologies for confectionery production as well as technical and technological support. On the basis of  set targets, our team always prepares an attractive offer.


  • We would like to offer more than others, constantly raise the bar, exceed standards, and go beyond the norm. This is our cyberspace world, our HASBORG – in harmony with nature!
  • The essence of our aspirations is to become an international leader among the industry manufacturers of confectionary machines.
  • The objective of our Company is to create a new quality and standards of a Premium brand associated with service at the highest level.


If you want to be the best, work with the best!!!