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    MAXDROP – 1 hopper multifunctional machine for cookie and biscuits production



    1210 mm



    Alto 1410 mm



    1430 mm

    Installed capacity


    3.0 kW

    new generation


    MAXDROP is a universal and multifunctional machine for the production of wide range of one color cookies, allowing for the rotation of the forming nozzles. Hermetic heads and stainless steel rollers make the machine capable of working even with half-liquid doughs. The machine can also be adapted to work with CreaLine tunnel oven, or another oven the Client has.


      Arguments that confirm the highest class!
    ICON Durable and stable frame made of stainless steel AISI 304. ICON Hermetic dough processing heads enable semi-liquid and hard dough processing.
    ICON Accurate table lifting system based on eccentrics that works lightly and provides failure-free operations. ICON IMU Unit – every machine can be connected to the Client‘s internet access point. Thanks to this, Hasborg service center can, if required,  remotely connect to each machine for the service purposes, to upload  software in case of new or upgraded program release, or to help with program set-up.
    ICON    Ability to work with many different forming nozzles, both brass and plastic. ICON Servo drivers – high class and a proven solution that increases speed, service life and accuracy of components work.
    ICON Fluent forming nozzles rotation speed control, possibilty to form many different shapes of cookies, and cookies with different length. ICON Powered by Mitsubishi Electric.
    ICONICON Electronics and touch panel are simple and easy to use with multilingual menu. You can enter your own recipes and save them on the SD card. ICON  High performance and repeatability of the final product.
    ICON Tray movement sensor and eletronic tray movement drive system. ICON High energy efficiency.
    ICON Stainless steel dough processing rolls with spiral cuts.  ICON Possibility to produce multi-layer structure high bisucits.



    Two distribution modes

    FAST MODE - Machine operation by two people; one feeds the tray at the rear of the machine, the other collects it from the front side. Cookies are formed during the drive to the operator.

    SLOW MODE – operated by one person; the tray provided from the front of the machine drives to its end and comes back to the front. Cookies are formed during the drive to the operator.

    Dwa tryby podawania

    „Sponge top” option

    Opcja „wylweanie blatów”

    Slat for pea and straw puff


    Slat for muffins

    istwa do muffinek

    „Wire-cut” option

    This option gives you the possibility to produce the limitless number of shapes of your cookies.


    Opcja „cięcie struną”

    Multi-layer cookies

    Nowy Maxdrop ma możliwość wyciskania ciast z jednoczesnym przesuwem tacy w kierunku przód–tył, co pozwala na wyciskanie ciastek wydłużonych o dowolnej wielkości, długości oraz kształcie, opuszczanie stołu w trakcie wyciskania ciastka umożliwia produkowanie ciastek wysokich, o budowie „wielopoziomowej”. Użycie wszystkich możliwości: jednoczesnego przesuwu tacy i obrotu dysz oraz opuszczania stołu w trakcie wyciskania ciastka sprawia, że Nowy Maxdrop to narzędzie o nieograniczonych możliwościach produkcji ciastek.

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