Filled Gingerbread cookies

Cookies with a sweet and spicy taste and a long shelf life, strongly seasoned with spices. The filling inside is usually marmalade with different flavors. Gingerbreads owe their durability on the one hand to a large proportion of spices, and on the other hand to their hardness and dryness.

Product description

They can be stored in a cool and dry place for several months. The spices used depend on the recipe and regional traditions. After baking, gingerbreads require proper moisturizing and, in this case, dousing with icing, which ensures their softness and durability.

For the production of this type of cookies we use machines that squeeze the gingerbread mass while dispensing the filling inside, after which the cookies are cut off using a shutter mechanism, which at the same time closes the filling inside.

This product can be made on stationary depositors and encruster like :

  • Duomax M400
  • Duomax 600
  • Triomax
  • Quatromax 600 & 800

In case high capacity is required, we propose industrial versions of mentioned machines which work directly with tunnel oven, such us :

  • Duomax CL
  • Triomax CL
  • Quatromax CL

For chocolate enrobing, sprinking and cooling we propouse::

  • Enrobers
  • Sprinkler
  • Cooling tunnel