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    Popular biscuits made of flour, sugar and fat are usually served with morning tea or coffee. The shapes of these products can be quite diverse but in gereral, most of them are thin and flat.

    Product description

    For such biscuits we recommend rotary moulder machine that is suitable for the production of butter cookie dough, shortbread, and pet treats. It is a very versatile machine that allows for very high levels of product output while maintaining near perfect weight accuracy and design detail. During moulding process, the dough is forced into forming roller moulds in the form of any shape that can be completed with name, patterns, and company logo.

    This biscuit can be also covered with chocolate and top decorated with various sprinkles, such as: nuts, coconut, poppy seeds, sesame, sugar, etc.

    Depending on the capacity, this product can be manufacture on stationary (single) depositors like:

    • Rolls AP 600 (with automatic tray feeder table)
    • Rolls ST (manual tray feeding)
    • Duomax 400 equipped with forming roller head

    For bigger capacities (500 – 1000 kg/h) we propose to use industrial type machines (forming lines) that work directly with tunnel ovens:

    • Royal Rolls

    For enrobing, sprinkling and cooling – we recommend:

    • Enrobing machines
    • Cooling tunnels
    • Sprinklers
    • Glazing units