Mini choux pastry balls / straw puffs

The popular choux pastry in form of bolls or straw puffs is made of steamed dough as a perfect supplement to soups, creams and salads. It also has many followers who love light snack, especially sprinkled with sugar, salt or herbs.

Product description

Due to the half-liquid consistency of the dough, it is recommended to use devices that are equipped with a gear pump. Machines that will allow us to deposit such product are:

  • Baby Maxdrop 400 (with gear pump head)
  • Maxdrop (with gear pump head)
  • Triomax
  • Quatromax

For bigger quantities we recommend industrial scale machines such as:

  • Maxdrop
  • Triomax
  • Quatromax

This perfect snack can be covered with various coatings, lubricated, sprinkled and decorated with sprinkles, which gives an individual character and taste.

To achieve such results we need to use:

  • Enrobing machine
  • Cooling tunnel
  • Sprinkler
  • Glazing unit