“Easter Bunny ” from wire cut option

Shortcrust cookie, obtained in the process of squeezing through forming nozzles and cut with a thin wire - strings. Hence the term - string cake.

Product description

In this technology, we can produce "flat" cookies of very different shapes, which is determined by the set of forms. You can use a ready-made catalog of forms, or you can ask us to make customized design nozzles made accordingly to customer requirements.

Cookies can be additionally decorated. They can also be covered with chocolate or sprinkled with various types of sprinkles.

This product can be obtained on several stationary units whose type depends on required production capacity

  • Maxdrop
  • Duomax M400
  • Duomax 600
  • Triomax
  • Quatromax 600 lub 800

Thinking about high efficiency, e.g. 500 - 1000 kg / h, we offer industrial versions of these machines, which dispense this product directly onto tunnel oveb belt. These are:

  • Maxdrop CL
  • Duomax CL
  • Triomax CL
  • Quatromax CL

For chocolate enrobing, sprinking and cooling we propouse:

  • Enrobers
  • Cooling tunnel
  • Sprinklers
  • Liquide dispousers