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    As the only in its class, it has a very diverse equipment through which is incredibly universal and incomparable with machines available on the market. This machine can work with many types of dough: short pastry, choux pastry, gingerbread, sponge cake, meringue, muffin's with filling.



    1120 mm



    1140 mm



    2045 mm

    Installed capacity


    5.5 kW


    Innovative 3 hoppers machine for biscuits and cookies production

    one of most technologicaly advanced machines on the market

    Products available to make on TRIOMAX II:

    • 1 color biscuits
    • 1 color filled biscuits
    • 1 color decorated biscuits
    • 2 color biscuits
    • 2 color biscuits with filling
    • 3 color
    • Sponge cakes
    • Eclairs
    • Straw Puffs
    • Sponge lady fingers
    • Meringue biscuits
    • Gingerbread staffed cookies

    Triomax II can process following types of dough:

    • shortbread
    •  steamed
    •  gingerbread
    •  sponge/ butter sponge
    •  muffins
    •  cocoa
    •  meringue

    Machine description:

    • three hermetic heads each with independent drive system
    •  dough dosing head equipped with bearings rolls made of stainless steel
    •  servo-drive and electronics
    •  multilingual touch control panel
    •  wi-fi connection
    •  automatic tray feeder
    •  working width 600mm
    •  machine works with trays 600x400
    •  adjustable nozzles rotation speed
    •  adjustable trays speed forward movement
    •  numerical adjustment of table horizontal and vertical movement
    •  smooth rolls working speed adjustment / dough depositing speed /
    •  possibility to memorize up to 100 programs for each production option
    •  possibility of setting own recipes
    •  possible production of different length biscuits with or without nozzles rotation
    •  trays presence and movement sensors
    •  productivity form 120kg/h up to 400kg/h ( depends on biscuit size )
    •  table equipped with circular drive system
    •  stable and solid construction based on stainless steel type AISI 304

    idealne rozwiązanie do ciastek z nadzieniem półtwardym


    Special forming slat dedicated 
    to work with our machines
    (Quatromax, Triomax and Duomax V).
    This is a perfect solution for production
    of stuffed cookies with semi-hard filling.


    They trusted us