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    CREA-DROP biscuit sandwiching machine

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    The machine operates by applying the cream mass to the first product and covering it from the top with another biscuit. In the process of capping biscuits, a pressing module is used, which guarantees that the final products are properly combined and have the same thickness.


    The machine is equipped with two groups of biscuit feeders. From the first one that is placed in front of the machine’s head, the cookies go to the conveyor, where they are additionally aligned in a uniform row and pass under the head dosing cream, jam or other fillings. From the feeder located behind the head, the second row of cookies (after alignment) is lifted up and placed on the products with filling.

    The sandwiching machine is equipped with a movable LCD panel with an intuitive, easy-to-use menu, it has the ability to save your own settings and configurations on SD card.

    1. Pressing module
    2. Hopper for filling (cream, jam,..) with temperature control system
    3. Biscuits feeder
    4. Control panel is simple and user-friendly with multi-language menu. It has the possibility to enter your own settings and save them to SD memory card.