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    AT HASBORG , we know that precise dough processing is fundamental in high quality biscuits production. Our designers created new system for filled cookies production, which combines optimum speed with precision and universality. Our technology enables processing of hard dough with a firm consistency. Hasborg customers can be sure of the effectiveness and efficiency of our machine. The combination of two dough feeding systems: primary – made of  large diameter rollers, and secondary -  made of precise, multiple  system of many helixes controlled independently from the PLC panel, an innovative solution that guarantees a precise weight of the dough across the entire working width of the machine.

    The machine is designed for large industrial plants, where baking takes place in tunnel / continuous ovens.

    Production of one-colored stuffed cookies "gingerbread with filling", shutter option, guillotine option.

    Precise biscuit extrusion

    Helix system

    Each forming nozzle is driven by separate servo engine. This gives possibility to control every forming nozzle separately in regards to product size and weight. Each helix drive engine speed controlled from PLC touch panel.

    Stainless steel rolls

    S-MAX advantages


    1. A double head made of one, single piece , designed in a special  way to minimize friction occurrence and to  maximize fluent dough processing . Solid and stable structure made of stainless steel.
    2. Stainless steel shafts with spiral cuts and adjustable rotation. The most important advantage, however, is their size of ø125 mm. Such a diameter allows the rollers to spin more slowly, so they do not draw the dough.
    3. Bearing rollers - thanks to this solution, the head does not heat the dough sideways, because the rollers rotate in stainless steel bearings, which are properly sealed.
    4. The two-column head lifting system is based on the principle of eccentrics. It does not require any lubrication, it works lightly and is trouble-free - digital adjustment of raising and lowering the head (for the production of cookies of different heights).  
    5. High energy efficiency.
    6. Drive system based on servo drives  increases the speed, durability and precision of all machine components.
    7. Powered by Mitsubishi Electric.
    8. The electronics and the touch panel are simple and user-friendly.
    9. The panel with a multilingual menu allows you to enter your own recipes and save them on an SD card.