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    This is a top-class four-chamber machine for cake production! It has four heads, e.g. two for dark dough, two for dark and light dough, and two for filling, e.g. cream + marmalade, or two colours of marmalade.



    1545 mm



    1698 mm



    3488 mm

    Installed capacity


    5,5 kW



    This is a top-class four-chamber machine for biscuits and cookies production!
    It has four chambers, e.g. two for dark dough, or for dark and light dough, and two for filling, e.g. cream + marmelade, or two colours of marmelade. This configuration makes it possible to produce a wide range of products of different shapes and lengths, e.g.: dual-colour with two kinds of filling, dual-colour with filling inside and a decoration on the top, triple-colour, cut with a string, sponge cake layers, cut with a guillotine with two types of filling, filled and cut with a shutter. As the only one of its class, it has a very diverse equipment, thanks to which, it is incredibly versatile and incomparable with other machines available on the market. It operates with the following types of dough: short pastry, choux pastry, gingerbread, sponge cake, muffins with filling and bits of fruit, meringue.


    Arguments that confirm the highest class!
    ICON Four innovative hermetic chambers. ICON Automatic tray feeder with tray storage container. When the efficiency  is high, it eliminates the necessity of having a second person‘s assistance to feed the trays.
    ICON Triple head is made of one single block of aluminium in order to increase working stiffness, unlike the other machines offered on the market. Each roll is equipped with bearings; this solution protects the dough from overheating during the process of dough distribution. The whole structure is made of stainless steel. ICON The two-column head lifting system is made on a cam basis. It does not require any lubrication, it works lightly and is trouble-free - digital adjustment of the lifting and lowering of the head (for the production of cookies of different heights). There is also a possibility to adjust the table.
    ICON Stainless steel rolls with spiral cuttings and rotation control. The increased diameter of rolls (ø115) and its smooth speed control prevent the dough from damaging and deformation during processing. ICON IMU Unit – every machine can be connected to the Client‘s internet access point. Thanks to this, Hasborg service center can, if required,  remotely connect to each machine for the service purposes, to upload  software in case of new or upgraded program release, or to help with program set-up.
    ICON Beared rolls – thanks to this solution the head does not generate excess heat, so the dough is protected from the high temperatures which destroy it. ICON

    Dough distribution system module – system so far reserved and used for industrial units, now adopted to medium size machines.

    ICON Dough leading slats and moulds with specially milled dough distribution channels reduce pressure in main head so the dough is passed more precisely to the forming nozzles. ICON  High performance and repeatability of the final product.
    ICON Servo drivers – high class and a proven solution that increases speed, service life and accuracy of components work. ICON  Powered by Mitsubishi Electric.
    ICONICON Electronics and touch panel are simple and easy to use with multilingual menu. You can enter your own recipes and save them on the SD card. ICON High energy efficiency.

    Automatic tray feeder with a cartridge. The trays are being transported using the chains, not the belts, as they tend to wear off more frequently. One should put 13 trays into the cartridge, and the machine will start using them automatically.



    Innovative slat for chocolate / peanut and fruit fillings, a combination of two cakes and two fillings. One cake - four flavors.


    Slat for pea and straw puff


    „Guillotine option”

    It enables the production of biscuits and cookies cut by the guillotine knife to the required length with or without the filling. This optional equipment is provided with a special control system, which gives you the possibility to set up the production parameters precisely, and it is very efficient – up to 500 kg of final product per hour.



    Guillotine option

    Roller option

    The option of a flattening roller allows you to produce additional shapes of guillotine-cut cookies. The roller is made of plastic and it is driven by a guillotine table belt. The roller option is dedicated to Hasborg products, such as Triomax or Duomax with an additional guillotine option. For Quatromax, the flattening roller has its own drive and adjustable clamping height. 


    Roller option

    Additional slats


    „Wire-cut” option

    This option gives you the possibility to produce the limitless number of shapes of your cookies.



    „Shutter” option

    Shutter option is designed for shortbread and gingerbread biscuits production with filling. It is highly productive.


    „Shutter” option

    Stamping Unit

    Die Ausstattung „Stempel”

     Stamp examples

    Forming nozzles

    Forming nozzles

    Technical data

    Technical data

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