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    Preformer unit

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    Preformer machine supply evenly hard gingerbread  or shortbread dough to the Royal Rolls cylinder extruder machine.
    The machine is equipped with its own tank and a loading system adapted to a special tank replenishing the dough. 

    After the dough is loaded into the container, it is rolled out with a large shaft with a diameter of 400 mm. The dough is then cut into strips and fed by a conveyor to the tank of the forming machine.
    The smooth operation of the pre-molding machine is monitored by a dough quantity control sensor.
    The machine can be equipped with a metal detector, whose task is  a constant dough control against  small metal impurities.

    Preformer unit characterisctics


    - two heavy duty engines from SEW Germany
    - smooth  engines regulation
    - German  software and electronics provided by Lenze
    - metal detector (optional)
    - additional dough replenishing tank with trolley (optional)
    - solid frame made of thick 10mm stainless steel panels