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    Combined Sprinkler

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    Combined, integrated sprinkler is composed of main sprinkling unit and  5 automated transporters which provide constant circulation of spreaded material . It is equipped also with automatic refilling system for sprinkling material with additional raw material container. Thanks to this solution , machine can work hours without necessity of refilling.
    Additional tank makes unit refilling process easier as machine does not have to be stopped for refilling process. 

    Combined container is designed in module system, which enables this unit to be adopted to almost any existing production line

    Sprinkling transporters are cobined of following modules

    1. Slanting transporter
    2. Upper corss transporter
    3. Main sprinkling container
    4. Middle transporter
    5. Main transporter
    6. Lower corss transporter
    7. Additional refill container
    8. Electric box with control panel

    Sprinkling raw materials are delivered to the main transporter (5) which works continuously with other parts of whole technological line. Sprinkling process is provided by middle transporter ( 4) supported by main sprinkling container (3) .
    Main sprinkling container is equipped with moving arm for equal raw materials level distribution.
    Excess of sprinkling material is being collected  by lower cross transporter (6) and then transfered to slanting transporter type Z (1) from where, sprinkling material is being delivered to upper cross transporter (2)  and then to the main sprinkling container again.

    Reuqired sprinkling material level is sustained by additional refill container (7) which release sprinkling material depending on current level of sprinkling material in the system. Refilling process does not requires machine to be stopped so it does not interrupt production flow.

    Refilling container is equipped with strainer which protects sprinkling material from gathering, vibration system and flap which release sprinkling material from refilling container into main system when low level of sprinkling material is detected.

    All transporters are equipped with  certificated polyurethane belts, designed and tested to work with food products.
    Drive system is based on engines and gearboxes of SEW EUROPE.
    Machine requires pressurized air connection for drive system of main sprinkling container moving arm and refilling container flap .

    Descibed unit and  technology process flow  are controlled from color touch panel

    Combined sprinkler is made of high quality stainless steel panels and forms

    Moving arm  for equal sprinkling material distribution in main sprinkling container. Also prevents material from gathering side effect.

    Main sprinkling container head with sprinkling material amount control system.