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    Rotary machine ROLLS 600

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    The pattern is changed by replacing the forming roller. It is also possible to install several different biscuits forms on roller with similar size and shape, thanks to which we can get the wide range of final products. 

    Forming roller with large diameter has a positive effect on the production process and allows for obtaining even large biscuits 

    The dough from the hopper is pressed by forcing roll into the moulding roll which forms the cakes and transfer them onto the conveyor belt from which they are placed on the baking trays.

    The machine is designed to work with baking trays 600mm width.

    The components used in the device ensure trouble-free operation of the machine, and a simple operator panel allows you to control all parameters of the machine in an intuitive way. The machine is easy to operate, reliable and highly efficient.

    1. Hopper
    2. Control panel
    3. Belt cleaning system (easy to empty waste drawer)
    4. Forming roll
    5. Conveyor belt

    1. Strong and durable design made of stainless steel
    2. Forming roll made of bronze, equipped with teflon forms with a selected pattern
    3. Easy and quick replacement of the forming roll
    4. Precise speed control of the forming roll
    5. Adjustable speed of the main table
    6. Tension adjustment of the extraction belt
    7. Adjustment of the "noses" of the extraction belt
    8. Belt cleaning system
    9. Easy to empty waste drawer
    10. Two independent drive motors: the forming roll, the extraction belt and the tray conveyor table
    11. Capacity up to 400 kg / h
    12. Work with baking trays with a working width of 600 mm and a length of 400mm or more
    13. 400V, 3-phase, 50Hz power supply

    Presentation of squeezing "pretzels" cookies and their transport on baking trays