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    Cooling Tunnel HCT for chocolate processing

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    After contact with the warm product, the heated air is transferred to a separate second zone, where it is cooled again. The device is equipped with an internal dehumidification system of the circulating air and a condensate drainage system.

    The coolant is cold air that circulates in a closed circuit in special channels. The construction of the HASBORG cooling tunnel is characterized by a two-zone structure with counter-flow cooling.

    In the first zone, the hot product covered with chocolate / glaze moves along with the belt and goes under the stream of cold air

    Cooling tunnel characteristics

    1. top belt and return belt placed inside the tunnel directly below the tunnel cover panels
    2. TECUMESH intergrated cooling agregate
    3. Stainless steel frame
    4. a transport belt with a polyurethane cover and PZH approval
    5. Polyurethane gasket - ensures the tightness of the cooling system
    6. control panel with 7 ”LCD display and intuitive operation
    7. thermal shields made of rigid PVC foam from the National Institute of Hygiene


    - precise temperature control and regulation
    - MITSUBISHI software control system
    - the ability to save working settings on external SD memory card
    - remote diagnostics and parameter control via WiFi
    - electric conveyor belt positioning system
    - the possibility of adjusting the tension of the conveyor belt
    - non-slip drive system of the conveyor belt
    - Construction design allow quick and thorough cleaning of the device
    - possibility of using a tape with your own logo or a selected pattern
    - energy saving solutions that care for the safety of the natural environment


    Thermal insulation - certified insulation foam with a low thermal coefficient
    Productc’s transporting belt- highly abrasion-resistant, durable belt with PZH approval
    Air Circulation - Highly efficient, resistanceless distribution of cold air
    Cooling unit - from TECUMSEH company
    Software – Mitsubishi Eletrics
    Belts - both the upper and lower part of the belt closed inside tunnel construction frame
    Belt tension and guidance - automatic adjustment