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    Helpline: +48 512 359 124

    The Enrober is high quality machine, designed to meet expectations of the most demanding clients. We use stainless steel and high-class materials. Powerful engines makes the machine very durable.

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    Technical informations


    - enrober LUXOR is adapted to work with glaze or coatings similar to chocolate
    - it is possible to work with natural (100% real) chocolate but it requires additional equipment
    - enrober allows to cover tops, bottoms and complete coating
    - container for chocolate is surrounded by the water coat in order to maintain appropriate
    - temperature of chocolate. This part is moving and easy to be loaded by coating and cleaning
    - easy to use control panel
    - chocolate feeding pump with double jacketed
    - double jacketed pump delivering chocolate
    - smooth regulation of the net drive
    - adjuster of chocolate’s temperature
    - ventilator which removes excess of chocolate with regulation of the airflow power