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    DUOMAX M400

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    Thanks to this compact device you can produce a very wide range of various cakes, including cookies with a filling inside (center filled products)

    For a reasonable price you can get a great cookies depositor with plenty of technical possibilities

    The DUOMAX M400 is equipped with two hoppers for dough (e.g. two colors) or 1-color dough + filling. This set also includes a forming slat with rotation of six forming nozzles. Thanks to the wide selection of forming nozzles (plastic and brass) we can get cookies of various shapes and textures. Additionally, we are able to create new designs according to customer needs.

    Belt conveyor is designed to work with baking trays 400 mm width and length 400-800 mm

    The machine head is made of one block of material, which provides stability during operation. Thanks to properly designed channels in the head, the dough does not come across flat surfaces reducing "flow". Bigger forming rollers (diameter 115 mm) with longitudinal grooves  allow to work at a lower speed, so there is no effect of dough overmixing. The special shape of the channels in the head-mounted slats reduces the pressure in the head, thanks to which the dough passes precisely to the forming nozzles and makes the product repeatable.

    The machine uses a head lifting system based on an eccentric (does not require lubrication), with digital adjustment of lifting and lowering (production of variable height cookies).

    A significant part of the machine covers is made of transparent material, which, apart from the basic safety function, facilitates the control of the production process and gives the machine a visual "lightness". 

    The device is controlled by a convenient, movable LCD panel, equipped with a multilingual user interface, with the possibility of  saving settings + online diagnostics and parameter control via WiFi. 

    The machine is made of certified AISI 304 stainless steel. Its construction and materials provider high stability and accuracy during production. Gear boxes, servo drives, motors and control systems - allow the machine to work in a continuous mode with high productivity. 

    DUOMAX M400 meets all European standards of safety and energy efficiency.

    1. A double head made of one block of material designed in such a way that the dough passing to the forming nozzles does not come across flat surfaces, but moves all the way in the cone. Solid and stable structure made of stainless steel.
    2. The slats and forms with a special milled dough guide reduce the pressure in the head, thanks to which it passes more precisely to the forming nozzles.
    3. Single-column head lifting system made of eccentrics, which does not require any lubrication, works lightly and without failure. Digital regulation of lifting and lowering the head allows the production of cookies with different heights.
    4. The control panel and electronic devices are characterized by durability and easy operation. Touch panel with a multilingual menu allows to enter your own recipes and save them on an SD card.
    5. Servo drives - a unique solution that increases the speed, durability and precision of components operation.
    6. Dough depositing system same as for industrial lines 


    DUOMAX M400 depositor can be "armed" with four types of equipment, which make it even more universal and extend the possibilities of producing cookies with new patterns, shapes, etc .:

    Cookies machine DUOMAX M400 is an excellent base for which we develop new functionalities. The perfect example is a roller-head, that can be installed in the machine in place of a standard head, thanks to which it becomes a rotary moulder device. This head is designed for high-fat cookies squeezed from a cylinder. We obtain shapes and textures determined by the type of roller used and the patterns that are applied to it.

    The forming rollers are interchangeable and their replacement is very simple. Converting a standard machine to a rotary moulder is quick and uncomplicated with a simple operation. It is then possible to produce a completely new assortment of cookies, which normally required the purchase of individual machine only for this application.

    Standard head of DUOMAX M400 machine

    Standard head of DUOMAX M400 machine

    This head is used to produce two-color and one-color cookies with a filling inside. Depending on additional accessories and forming nozzles, we can obtain round, roll, low / high, oblong cookies, etc.
    The head is suitable for shortcrust, biscuit, gingerbread, meringue, etc.

    Rotary moulder head:

    The rotary moulder head changes the nature of our machine and transforms it into a machine for the production of  cookies formed by roller. We can obtain products with a variety of shapes and textures determined by the type of forms. Changing the rollers, and thus changing the pattern, is quick and uncomplicated. Thanks to this solution, we are able to significantly expand the production capabilities of our device with a wide range of new cookie designs.

    Rotary moulder head:


    The forming head of this machine is divided into two parts. In the first segment, we installed standard rollers for hard and semi-hard doughs, and in the second tank, a solution based on a gear pump for liquid and semi-liquid fillings. Thanks to this solution, we can fill cookies with liquid fillings in the form of creams, liqueurs, puddings, etc.


    The design of the forming head allows the production of muffins with additives, e.g. raisins, nuts, almonds, chocolate drops, etc.
    The additives are mixed with the dough and the whole mass is fed to the tank. The piston feeding system used in the head allows the dosing of muffins into the molds without damaging the mixed additives.
    At the same time, we obtain a very high volume and weight repeatability of muffins throughout the production cycle.



    is a high-performance option used to manufacture long biscuits with / without filling


    enables the production of single-color and two-color biscuits with fillings.


    Dosing slat with nozzle rotation

    In standard option the machine is equipped with forming slat + six rotating nozzles , giving a wide range of various type of cookies


    this option is designed to production of cookies which, thanks to the appropriate molding attachments (forms), can obtain shapes with almost unlimited number; in the process of extrusion, the biscuits are cut off with a thin metal string (wire); it is possible to design a pattern according to the client's wishes