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    Brief description

    As the only in its class, it has a very diverse equipment through which is incredibly universal and incomparable with machines available on the market. This machine can work with many types of dough: short pastry, choux pastry, gingerbread, sponge cake, meringue, muffin's with filling.



    1120 mm



    1140 mm



    2045 mm

    Installed capacity


    5.5 Kwt


    Innovative 3 hoppers machine for biscuits and cookies production

    one of most technologicaly advanced machines on the market

    Products available to make on TRIOMAX II:

    • 1 color biscuits
    • 1 color filled biscuits
    • 1 color decorated biscuits
    • 2 color biscuits
    • 2 color biscuits with filling
    • 3 color
    • Sponge cakes
    • Eclairs
    • Straw Puffs
    • Sponge lady fingers
    • Meringue biscuits
    • Gingerbread staffed cookies

    Triomax II can process following types of dough:

    • shortbread
    •  steamed
    •  gingerbread
    •  sponge/ butter sponge
    •  muffins
    •  cocoa
    •  meringue

    Machine description:

    • three hermetic heads each with independent drive system
    •  dough dosing head equipped with bearings rolls made of stainless steel
    •  servo-drive and electronics
    •  multilingual touch control panel
    •  wi-fi connection
    •  automatic tray feeder
    •  working width 600mm
    •  machine works with trays 600x400
    •  adjustable nozzles rotation speed
    •  adjustable trays speed forward movement
    •  numerical adjustment of table horizontal and vertical movement
    •  smooth rolls working speed adjustment / dough depositing speed /
    •  possibility to memorize up to 100 programs for each production option
    •  possibility of setting own recipes
    •  possible production of different length biscuits with or without nozzles rotation
    •  trays presence and movement sensors
    •  productivity form 120kg/h up to 400kg/h ( depends on biscuit size )
    •  table equipped with circular drive system
    •  stable and solid construction based on stainless steel type AISI 304

    idealne rozwiązanie do ciastek z nadzieniem półtwardym


    Special forming slat dedicated 
    to work with our machines
    (Quatromax, Triomax and Duomax V).
    This is a perfect solution for production
    of stuffed cookies with semi-hard filling.


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    tel. +48 17 226 11 16

    Rakszawa 508
    37-111 Rakszawa, Poland

    Hasborg is a professional company existing in the market for many years. It is a recognized manu-facturer of bakery and confectionery machines, which are popular thanks to their robust design, reliability, as well as low consumption of energy. It allows to minimize the labour costs of many companies producing sweets such as sponge cakes, meringue cookies, shortbread and ginger-bread cookies. Machines for biscuits, confection-ery beaters, rotary and tunnel kilns or enrobers for chocolate are in fact the specialities of Has-borg that enable professional designing of pro-duction lines. Its wide range comprises also forming machines, cooling tunnels, biscuit bases and other accessories to create sweets with unique taste and appearance.