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  • Cauldron - chocolate melting unit
  • Cauldron - chocolate melting unit

    Brief description

    Cauldron unit designed to melt down chocolate and keep it at required temperature:

    Description Machines

    Standard unit  equippment :

    • mixing device
    • chocolate temperature regulation
    • water coated bowl
    • capacity 70-250 Lt

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    37-111 Rakszawa, Poland

    Hasborg is a professional company existing in the market for many years. It is a recognized manu-facturer of bakery and confectionery machines, which are popular thanks to their robust design, reliability, as well as low consumption of energy. It allows to minimize the labour costs of many companies producing sweets such as sponge cakes, meringue cookies, shortbread and ginger-bread cookies. Machines for biscuits, confection-ery beaters, rotary and tunnel kilns or enrobers for chocolate are in fact the specialities of Has-borg that enable professional designing of pro-duction lines. Its wide range comprises also forming machines, cooling tunnels, biscuit bases and other accessories to create sweets with unique taste and appearance.